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Our services for your benefit

We develop and implement leadership strategies for our clients, making things happen and matching targets - and identifying and eliminating target conflicts if necessary. This is our mission.
Depending on the type of challenge, we apply one of three methods:

  1. Management of consulting projects with mixed expert teams, if clear and short-term objectives are defined.
  2. Training and instruction of managers and employees, if the key challenge is lack of knowledge and qualification - often a key component of our consulting projects or as stand-alone inhouse trainings and seminars.
  3. Responsible interim management, if the challenge is short-term and critical and no internal solution is available or possible.
Typical subjects to our mandates are:
  • Price strategies
  • Market entry and business development strategies
  • Competitive strategies and war game scenarios
  • Sales boost strategies
  • Loyalty strategies
  • Cost leadership strategies
  • Scenario calculations and market simulations
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